Budd and Joanne’s Wedding

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Photos of Sparkling Apple at East Delta Hall, most of which were taken by Lisa Freakrock on September 24, 2016, at the wedding of Budd Marr (who used to play bass for Sweeney Todd) and Joanne Stern. Several musicians were invited to share the stage, including Elio Martelli, Mike Kelly, Dave Vidal, Doug and the Slugs, the Shindiggers and many luminaries of the live music scene! Black and white shot by Michelle Yu.




Sullivan Hall 2016

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Our annual gig! We played at Sullivan Community Centere (otherwise known as Sullivan Hall) in Surrey BC on April 23, 2016. Other bands on the show were Wailin’ Walker and Jerry Doucette. Photo by Char Davidson.


AlWalkerSullivan HallREVISED

April 21, 2016

13064608_10154017590111285_8000360474010297359_oSparkling Apple with Lisa Freakrock at Donegal’s Irish House, April 21, 2016 (Photo by Char Davidson)

13063104_845403338903237_8574567782189797708_oCaptain Maniac on the drums! (Photo by Jack’s Camera)
Sparkling Apple with Lisa Freakrock
Sparkling Apple at Freakrock Jam
Captain Maniac at the Freakrock Jam (3 above photos by Char Davison)

Our Annual Gig!

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This time we were the special guests at Sullivan Hall in Surrey BC on April 23, 2016. Headlining the show were Jerry Doucette and Wailin’ Walker.

AlWalkerSullivan HallREVISED

Some shots taken at the show:


Sparkling Apple with our merch girl, Michele Thibodeault.
IMG_6142Michele selling CDs
IMG_6155Wailing’ Walker, with Lisa Freakrock videotaping and Char Davidson taking photos.

Captain Maniac on the drums at the Biltmore Hotel jam, October 2015. Photo by Shona Ellis.

Rock For Kids 2015

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At the Rock For Kids Event, March 29, 2015 at the Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre, Port Coquitlam BC. Art was unable to perform, so we substituted Ray Roper from Stonebolt & Barracuda. A great day! Some photos by Lisa Freakrock, other photos by Jack’s Camera.

A Day For Art Part 5

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More photos from the A Day For Art fundraiser — all pics by the legendary Linda Eckess (RIP).