Oh what fun it is to ride!

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Rock n Roll

Truth be told, I’m not exactly an HTML/Dreamweaver-type web designer where I write my own code! Far from it: our Sparkling Apple website is created and updated via iWeb, part of the Apple “iLife 09” software. But it works for me so far, and does what it’s supposed to do.

Speaking of which, the music video for “Never Gonna Kiss You Bye Bye” has now been posted to the website (www.sparklingapple.ca), although we must advise that the sound quality is not up to 21st Century standards. Probably if I was using Final Cut Pro or some professional audio editing software, I could clean up the sound on this particular video, but in the interest of “historical perspective”, the video is presented as-is, warts and all. In any case, this video is somewhat of a historical document!

It should also be mentioned that “It’s Criminal” and “Never Gonna Kiss You Bye Bye” (Side A and Side B of our then-current single on RadioActive Records) were both written by Buzz Constantly, who coincidentally is lead vocalist on both videos.

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