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We’re Here For a Good Time…

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Rock n Roll

The White Rock Sun published an online article about touring perennials TROOPER (seen above as Winters Green), and in one paragraph, the writer mentioned:

From this point in time it becomes a blur, WINTER’S GREEN became APPLEJACK and barnstormed through Lower Mainland clubs for a number of years. The Zodiac and Mad Dolphin in New West, Cameo Supper Club and Madigans in Whalley, The Dungeon in Coquitlam and our very own Bird Cage aka Purple Monkey up on King George Highway.

Sparkling Apple also played every one of those places, and I do remember Applejack performing at The Bird Cage with Ra, Smitty, Tommy Stewart and bassist Harry Kalensky. Heck, I saw Applejack at the Cameo because it was three blocks from my house! My brother Chris saw their earlier incarnation Winters Green when the band played a dance at Mary Jane Shannon Jr. High School (now called Guildford Park).

Madigan’s is mentioned in the White Rock Sun article as well. The connection with my brother is that a bunch of us had a stag for Chris at this bar, and the band performing that night was none other than Heart (who also played the Dungeon around the same time we did). The “new guy” that night was Ann’s sister Nancy, who pretended to be playing electric guitar, but wasn’t plugged in! (Nancy may disagree with me.) Madigan’s is now a strip club known as T-Barz.

Sounds like Sparkling Apple

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Rock n Roll

As mentioned in the previous blog entry, Kevin has remastered the audio and video on several tracks from the Donegal’s footage, and the results can be seen & heard on our Videos page on our website. Upgraded versions of the following songs have now been posted at

Too Rolling Stoned
Papa Oom Mow Mow
La Grange
Gloria/Rodeo Song

as well as a “highlights” collage. All are enhanced with an additional audio source (Woody’s minidisc).

Kevin also remastered Born on the Bayou as well as Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell, but these songs aren’t as yet on the website. They can, however, be experienced on YouTube.

Play That Funky Music, White Boy

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Rock n Roll

Kevin has been busy lately with the Donegal’s Sept 18/2010 footage. Supplied with Rick Mearns’ raw DVDs and well as Woody’s minidisc of this show, Kevin is in the midst of remastering the audio & video.  Kevin has already posted a couple examples of his audio/video editing progress on YouTube, but as per his request, I won’t be posting a link until he’s finished.

Good Rockin’ Tonite

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Rock n Roll

What, MORE Sparkling Apple posters and photos? To borrow a phrase from a recent USA election, “yes we can”! Posters from the Slim Chance era, as well as some Niteshift photos, have been added to the Sparkling Apple website for your adolescent enjoyment.

Niteshift: that was the cabaret next door to the old Tudor Inn at the USA/Canada truck crossing near White Rock, BC. It has gone through many different names, notably Smugglers, and I really don’t know if it even exists any more. We also used to play at a joint in New Westminster called “Rockin’ Tonight”, run by an individual known as Hughie. (Anyone remember Hughie’s last name?) That place changed names often, too (formerly The Answer II), later becoming California Dreamin’.

A real “find” in my treasure trove of memorabilia is the long-lost poster advertising Sparkling Apple and Mick Dalla-Vee’s band, Paradox, at Scottsdale in 1986. Not long after that gig, Paradox was advised (for legal reasons) to change their name, and received a cease and desist order to do so. So what did they change their name to? Cease and Desist. Genius!

Beware of the Blog!

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Rock n Roll

After a car accident and a Telus Optik TV installation, the Sparkling Apple Blog is now back in operation. I’ve added a few new posters and photos to the website, so take a look when you’re in that neighbourhood. Yes, I said “neighbourhood,” because I’m Canadian! Just like we have Labour Day, and ice cream comes in several flavours. But I digress…

A new poster page has been added to the mayhem, which can only mean one thing: that’s right, there’s more to come! Where the heck does it all originate, you say? Well, being a Virgo-type packrat, I’ve accumulated a wealth of old clippings, posters and memorabilia that now languish in my old Sparkling Apple scrapbooks (now, of course, deteriorating due to age). It really is just an accumulation, though, of ancient relics from the Dark Ages. Many photos can’t be published here on the Web, because, hey this IS a family show, right? Well, twist my arm and we MIGHT see a collection of photos of backstage antics here on

An actual website for a band that hasn’t done a live show in 20 years? Hell, yeah!

Keep on rockin’,

Where are they now?

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Rock n Roll

A couple of months ago we had a successful Sparkling Apple reunion, and are now aware what these former bandmates are up to:

Captain Maniac (Colin Hartridge) — graphic artist
Art the Fart (Art Kyllonen) — apartment maintenance
Kevin Swain — milkman
Stringbean (Gary Walchuk) — retired
Rod Knowlan — webmaster

Of course I may have some of the recent job descriptions wrong, so you guys can set me straight! Anyway, I have no knowledge of the whereabouts (or even existence) of the following:

Rocky Rockamoto (Gord Higo)
Buzz Constantly (Ric Whitman)
Slim Chance (Gary Purcell)

If either of you three have access to a computer, let me know what you’re doing now! Failing that, if any Facebook friends know where I can locate Gord, Ric and Gary, drop me a line, either on Facebook, here on the blog, or email me at

Thanks for your support.

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