Beware of the Blog!

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Rock n Roll

After a car accident and a Telus Optik TV installation, the Sparkling Apple Blog is now back in operation. I’ve added a few new posters and photos to the website, so take a look when you’re in that neighbourhood. Yes, I said “neighbourhood,” because I’m Canadian! Just like we have Labour Day, and ice cream comes in several flavours. But I digress…

A new poster page has been added to the mayhem, which can only mean one thing: that’s right, there’s more to come! Where the heck does it all originate, you say? Well, being a Virgo-type packrat, I’ve accumulated a wealth of old clippings, posters and memorabilia that now languish in my old Sparkling Apple scrapbooks (now, of course, deteriorating due to age). It really is just an accumulation, though, of ancient relics from the Dark Ages. Many photos can’t be published here on the Web, because, hey this IS a family show, right? Well, twist my arm and we MIGHT see a collection of photos of backstage antics here on

An actual website for a band that hasn’t done a live show in 20 years? Hell, yeah!

Keep on rockin’,

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