The O.G. Boogie 1976

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Rock n Roll

Gather round, boys and girls — once again it’s Story Time! Yes, in our continuous stream of Rock n Roll Road Stories, here’s another chapter in “Rock n Roll is a vicious game”. Join us via THIS link in the Year 1976, as Sparkling Apple encounters an actual living, breathing rock festival. Sorry, Jefferson Airplane was not present at this gathering. Endlessly, doggedly (woof woof), ruthlessly (I wonder where Ruth is) toward the Unknown. Stay with us as we bring you an episode we call “The O.G. Boogie” (not available after curfew in Sector R).

Keep on rockin’,
Captain Maniac

  1. OK, I give up… what WAS the name of the mysterious promoter of that long-forgotten rock festival? And what was the name of the agent who booked us? No reprisals forthcoming, folks, I’m just curious!

  2. By the way, “manger” is a trough or box of carved stone or wood construction used to hold food for animals (as in a stable).

  3. Bat Guano says:

    Didn’t Berrycup do a “Monumental Binge” tour with Sparkling Apple in 1977? If I remember correctly, both bands played at Speedway Hall, Nanaimo, as well as Port Alberni and Campbell River.

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