Flying Saucers Rock n Roll

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Rock n Roll

In the photo above: Outside Woody’s Trailer Park (Sault Ste. Marie in 1980) is our soundman, Woody (real name Jim Woodburne).

As mentioned in our last blog entry, the latest edition of Sparkling Apple Road Stories will once again be found at our trusty website in living color. This partiular installment concerns our lovable old band truck, scene of many refreshments and Black Sabbath musical interludes on cassette as well as journeying to Where No One Has Gone Before (since last week). Oh, I know I’ve probably forgotten many a good yarn where our truck was an unwitting participant, but let’s move on, shall we? If you have memories good or bad and you’re able to remember pertinent Sparkling Apple road stories, feel free to contribute them in the “leave a reply” section below, or directly on the Road Stories section of

Hey, wait a sec, I remember a truck-related road story (of which there can’t help but be too many): Once Art and I were driving in the old Ford Econoline after completing a gig, and being late at night & irresponsible young adults, we were merrily pounding back bottles of beer to accompany the journey back to our motel. This sort of behaviour is not condoned in the 21st Century, and far be it from us to be considered role models — but Christ, we must have been a menace on the road. Anyway, before long we were pulled over by a cop, and sensing impending doom, we hurled our beer bottles behind us into the truck’s cargo area. The cop came and went, but when we got back to Vancouver, we discovered that one of the tossed beer bottles had made a direct hit into an upturned Altec Lansing horn — like one of Steve Nash’s three-pointers! Concerned that the horn would be inoperable, it was delivered to the Kelly DeYong service depot, where an incredulous Dave Zeffert emptied its contents of what amounted to a full bottle of beer and broken glass!

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Keep on rockin’,
Captain Maniac

  1. Eileen Dover says:

    Good to see you guys are online finally. Will CDs be available too?

    • Now THAT would be a cool idea, except for the fact that when we first put out records on RadioActive, they were vinyl! We’re looking into the idea of making a CD compilation of remastered classic tracks, and selling the final product online.

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