Chicks and Cars and the Third World War

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Rock n Roll
Lost Weekend in Las Vegas, 1993. Jim Morrison is seen in the Flamingo Hotel, overlooking the old Dunes (now the site of Bellaggio).

Here we go again with another chapter in the Life and Times of Sparkling Apple, this episode featuring Kevin Swain, Captain Maniac and Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid. In this week’s adventure, Sparkling Apple go on tour with none other than Colin James in the wild & untamed 90s. Visit us on the Official Sparkling Apple Website (accept no substitutes). Warning: Some coarse and nasty content, not suitable for impressionable youth (there, THAT ought to attract more readers!).

  1. Is that really Jim Morrison? Actually, I remember that trip to Vegas in the early 90s, and Kevin was missing in action!

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