Scottsdale update

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Rock n Roll

Well, I guess the Scottsdale story WASN’T a short anecdote, was it? Jim (ex-Army) told me on Facebook that he actually knew the guy who backed his pickup truck into the bar, and apparently he was/is a really nice  guy. The Scottsdale bouncers, on the other hand, were aggressive steroidal goons who loved to bust heads for the sheer joy involved. I remember one particular body-building gentleman (Heinz, I think it was, or else it might have been Otto, as in “better get out of here — Otto’s gettin’ MAD”!) who would NOT leave home without his hand-held spring-loaded fixed resistance grip exerciser. He would flex it while on duty to demonstrate how capable he was of rearranging your facial features if the mood struck him.

I forgot to add one more anecdotal musing to the Scottsdale entry: back in 1980, New Wave/Punk Rock was the new & improved replacement for the much-reviled Disco music of the 70s. In a misguided attempt to show how hip, groovy and current they were, the bar management presented New Wave Night, a new experiment in addition to the regular circuit of rock n roll bands appearing nightly. The featured bands for the first and only evaluation were The Pointed Sticks and the K-Tels (before a cease & desist order prompted them to change their name to The Young Canadians!). Both groups were media darlings in Vancouver, but of course in the boonies, were a threat not to be taken lightly. As a result, they were greeted with redneck catcalls and hollering, as in “get off the stage, you f*ckin’ goofs,” and were booed out of Delta! At that time, Surrey/Delta was still a heavy-metal mullet-loving classic rocker stronghold, so the audience reaction was far from surprising.

Seen below is a clipping from a May 1980 issue of the Vancouver Sun. Yes, Sparkling Apple referred to their music as “drunk rock: you have to be drunk to play it and drunk to appreciate it”.

By the way, people, we do encourage you to leave us your comments and memories! Let’s hear from those of you were there. An easy way to leave a comment is to go to the top of this posting, and just click on the little dialog balloon to the far right of the title. That’ll go right to the “leave a reply” window, OK? Thanks for playing, and we return you now to our regularly scheduled program, already in progress…

  1. I know the Scottsdale pub no longer exists, as there is now a beer & wine store in that location — but is there some entertainment facility there as in days gone by? What about “Cheers”? (formerly the Scottsdale Cabaret, where we once saw Kickaxe in their pre-heavy metal Top 40 days)

    Scottsdale’s big competition was The Newton Inn, especially in the 80s when they had live music in the cabaret and strippers in the pub. Yes, I ‘m aware that the Newton Inn is long gone (there’s a Save-On-Foods there now) — whatever happened to Steve Harris and his “Billy Badass”? A Billy Badass was a shooter containing a shot of Jack Daniels and a shot of Tequila. Good for what ails ya!

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