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More Potty Pix!

Posted: May 24, 2011 in 21st Century, Rock n Roll

Here are some more photos of Art’s 60th, taken by Rosie on May 21, 2011. The REALLY incriminating shots have been deleted, as if these ones aren’t bad enough.

Ding sez: Let’s ROCK this place!

Slash is back with Captain Maniac and Eddie (OK, it's Ding wearing the hat!) at cruising altitude.

For those of you who are “rock trivia-challenged”, the title is a line from the Bobby “Boris” Pickett tune, “Monster Mash”! Well *I* knew, but did you? OK, this is a heads-up to let you know that the photos from Art’s Birthday are now on our website, which you can locate by clicking HERE. Please tell your friends who don’t want anything to do with Facebook and wouldn’t know unless you told them. Amaze everyone with your ability to identify the faces in the pictures! Too bad we weren’t wearing name tags like at a high school reunion, because some of the folks, after 30 years of experience, were unfortunately unrecognizable. (“Hi, I’m Captain Maniac” — holy cow, it IS you!! What happened? ). And don’t forget, if you want to leave a comment or snide remark here on the blog, by all means do so. This is only the Internet, so you can’t break anything, eh?

Heavy Metal Senior

Posted: May 22, 2011 in 21st Century, Rock n Roll

Rosie presents Art with a birthday cake for his 60th Birthday. Yes, the sparklers were lit (and Sparkling!), but by the time I took this photo, the sparklers had extinguished themselves. Kevin can be seen behind Rosie.

So now it’s “Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Senior”! Yes, that day has come – not the much-hyped End of the World As We Know It , but pretty damn close to it. (That “rapture” baloney was a dud, wasn’t it? No surprise there!) A large group of old friends & relatives gathered on May 21, 2011 to wish Art a happy birthday now that he’s rapidly aging and singing songs like “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Walker”. (Things start to drop off now, don’t they?) We assembled at Art’s house, mainly so he wouldn’t have far to stagger home, but also because there was food & adult beverages coming out the ying-yang, not to mention a wild & demented jam. Surviving members of Sparkling Apple (notably Captain Maniac and Kevin Swain) were on hand to rock the joint and thoroughly annoy the neighbours, as was Ding, Woody, Joe Staples, Eddie Spaghetti, Al, Ken and a host of well-oiled dancin’ fools! Rosie was a terrifically gracious hostess, and nobody got tossed in the pool (in part due to the absence of a pool). More photos to follow: watch our website and Sit-On-My-Facebook.

The Future Has Arrived

Posted: May 19, 2011 in 21st Century

Captain Maniac and Rusty

Captain Maniac and Woody

This just in… Saturday we’re all gathering at Art’s house for his 60th Birthday! At our reunion last fall, Stringbean reminded us of a cartoon that Captain Maniac had drawn 35 years ago, concerning Sparkling Apple reaching old age. In the cartoon, we were seen with wheelchairs & walkers, muttering about the “good old days”. “Well,” Stringbean remarked, “that day has come”! Yikes! Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid is actually 60 next week, but we’re having a bash on Saturday, May 21. Word has it that cameras are permitted, so we will therefore post whatever photos that can be salvaged from this once-in-lifetime event, either here on the Official Sparkling Apple Blog, or on our website. You know the one,

Hinterlands Who’s Who

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Rock n Roll

Stringbean and Art the Fart at the Den, Williams Lake. Feb. 1977. Photo by Don Wise.

Will wonders never cease?? Only a day after photos from the Rocky Rockamoto years appeared on the Official Sparkling Apple Website, photos from the Stringbean Years follow in hot pursuit! Yes, Colin’s been busy with his scanner, so enjoy these vintage shots from 1977. In this sequence, we’re appearing at The Den in Williams Lake, BC in February, 1977. Years later, we played at a different venue in the same city, namely the Chilcotin Inn, and the Den had gone through a name change to The Shoddy Bop (yes, a play on the iconic Vancouver nightclub The Body Shop). To view our Williams Lake shots, click HERE

Seen below is “local colour”:

An Engineering Feat

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Rock n Roll

Art at UBC Engineers Dance, 1973

Seek and ye shall find (or as Mickey Mouse probably said, “squeak and ye shall find” — or as Elvis said in Loving You, “Deke and ye shall find”!). Hang on, I’m getting sidetracked here! What I came to tell you about was that I discovered an old batch of photos from the Rocky Rockamoto years, taken at a UBC Engineers dance in 1973. Seen below is an ad in the Ubyssey newspaper advertising that very same event. The location was the SUB Ballroom, which we revisited 6 years later when we did a show with Pat Benatar. Photographer is unknown (lost in the mists of time, shall we say), but the photos can be viewed on our Official Sparkling Apple website, by clicking HERE.

Engineers Dance at UBC, 1973.