An Engineering Feat

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Rock n Roll

Art at UBC Engineers Dance, 1973

Seek and ye shall find (or as Mickey Mouse probably said, “squeak and ye shall find” — or as Elvis said in Loving You, “Deke and ye shall find”!). Hang on, I’m getting sidetracked here! What I came to tell you about was that I discovered an old batch of photos from the Rocky Rockamoto years, taken at a UBC Engineers dance in 1973. Seen below is an ad in the Ubyssey newspaper advertising that very same event. The location was the SUB Ballroom, which we revisited 6 years later when we did a show with Pat Benatar. Photographer is unknown (lost in the mists of time, shall we say), but the photos can be viewed on our Official Sparkling Apple website, by clicking HERE.

Engineers Dance at UBC, 1973.

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