Hinterlands Who’s Who

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Rock n Roll

Stringbean and Art the Fart at the Den, Williams Lake. Feb. 1977. Photo by Don Wise.

Will wonders never cease?? Only a day after photos from the Rocky Rockamoto years appeared on the Official Sparkling Apple Website, photos from the Stringbean Years follow in hot pursuit! Yes, Colin’s been busy with his scanner, so enjoy these vintage shots from 1977. In this sequence, we’re appearing at The Den in Williams Lake, BC in February, 1977. Years later, we played at a different venue in the same city, namely the Chilcotin Inn, and the Den had gone through a name change to The Shoddy Bop (yes, a play on the iconic Vancouver nightclub The Body Shop). To view our Williams Lake shots, click HERE

Seen below is “local colour”:

  1. I do believe that’s a shot of the Lakeview Hotel, am I right?

  2. Randy Mennie says:

    Any word on the unconscious/deceased person lying by the door? I thought it could be me for a second, but I don’t have boots that colour.

    • Hi Randy: Well, considering the photo was taken almost 35 years ago, your guess is as good as mine. I remember driving by the Lakeview and snapping this pic, and assumed it was just some gentleman sleeping off what had been an afternoon’s worth of too much merriment.

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