The Future Has Arrived

Posted: May 19, 2011 in 21st Century

Captain Maniac and Rusty

Captain Maniac and Woody

This just in… Saturday we’re all gathering at Art’s house for his 60th Birthday! At our reunion last fall, Stringbean reminded us of a cartoon that Captain Maniac had drawn 35 years ago, concerning Sparkling Apple reaching old age. In the cartoon, we were seen with wheelchairs & walkers, muttering about the “good old days”. “Well,” Stringbean remarked, “that day has come”! Yikes! Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid is actually 60 next week, but we’re having a bash on Saturday, May 21. Word has it that cameras are permitted, so we will therefore post whatever photos that can be salvaged from this once-in-lifetime event, either here on the Official Sparkling Apple Blog, or on our website. You know the one,

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