Blast from the past

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Rock n Roll

Buzz onstage with Kitsch

Pre-Sparkling Apple Buzz, onstage with Kitsch

Calling all Buzz Constantly fans! We’re seeking the whereabouts of former Sparkling Apple bass player Buzz Constantly (real name Ric Whitman). Last we heard from Buzz, he was living in Saanich, near Victoria BC — however, we have no phone number, email address or snail mail address for him, and have met with no success on Facebook or Google. If anyone knows where to find Buzz, please leave a comment below or on Facebook. For that matter, if anyone knows where to find Slim Chance (Gary Purcell), let us know about it, too. Thanks! Anyhow, the photos on this page are of Buzz’s pre-Sparkling Apple group known as Kitsch (which at one point featured the Legendary Young Frankenstein himself, Dave Vidal). Buzz became a member of Sparkling Apple in 1978, so the photos shown here would have to be from before ’78, most likely 1976 or 1977. Thanks so much to the Royal City Music Project for the unauthorized use of the photos — hell, you can help yourself to OUR photos if you want, as long as you give credit to the Sparkling Apple website!

Buzz (pre-Sparkling Apple and pre-mustache!) in the 70s with Kitsch

  1. Thanks to Bob Lesher and Thomas Whitman, we may be closer to finding Buzz. Apparently he still lives in Victoria and has been singing with various bands in the VIC area. Stay tuned

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