Good Gardening with your host, Captain Maniac

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Rock n Roll

Art onstage before hordes of screaming fans & admirers at the PNE Gardens, Vancouver.. Jan 12/79

Very soon, as in “imminently” The Official Sparkling Apple Website will be publishing photos and an essay about our gig at the PNE Gardens, January 12, 1979. At this show we were the opening act, and Randy Hansen (and his Jimi Hendrix tribute) was the headliner. At the moment, we are compiling all the material (oh, alright, I’m writing the damn story from my shattered memory), so this is merely a heads-up, as they say in 21st Century lingo. Had it been an actual alert, you would have been instructed to place your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye — wait a sec, that’s an old Nuclear Attack alert. And god knows, Canada needs more lerts, so be alert! Coming soon to a computer near you!

Buzz Constantly sings "It's Criminal" at PNE Gardens, Jan 12/79

  1. Trivia: Randy Hansen’s band was known as “Machine Gun”, which will have special significance to Hendrix fans (and absolutely no significance at all to people with only casual acquaintance with Jimi’s songs).

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