Genuine, unadulterated classic rock

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Rock n Roll

PNE Gardens Auditorium, January 12/79. Sparkling Apple onstage. Photo by Leslie Norrish.

Good morning, campers! We’ve now updated our rock n roll road stories page, adding a thrilling account of our show at the Gardens Auditorium, Vancouver BC on January 12, 1979. Yes, the same building where All-Star Wrestling was held in the 60s (“Monday night in the Gardens, I’m gonna rip your little bow ties off!”) Many photos were taken that night by various photographers including Dee Lippingwell and Gerry Murakamii, and we present many pics here, in our online scrapbook, several of them for the first time anywhere in any shape or form. As usual, Captain Maniac has done his utmost to actually remember what transpired on that fateful night some 30 years ago — we therefore present a stream-of-consciousness chronicle, TO THE BEST OF OUR RECOLLECTION. In short, if we’ve forgotten anything or left out any pertinent details, by all means let us know before we ALL forget! The story begins on our Official Sparkling Apple website…

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