Buzz Constantly has been found!

Posted: July 8, 2011 in 21st Century, Rock n Roll

Buzz Constantly at the Bow Fiddler, Langley, 1979. Photo by Stolie Sylte.

Buzz at the PNE Gardens, 1979

BREAKING NEWS! Our long-lost former bass player, Buzz Constantly has finally been located on Vancouver Island! He now lives in Saanich, BC, and sings lead vocals with local Victoria band, Ric Whitman and the Offenders (Ric Whitman is Buzz’s real name). Ric’s son Thomas supplied me with the appropriate phone number, so I spoke to Ric this evening. Now 60 and residing in an area of Victoria BC near UVic, Ric is no longer employed at the local golf course, but instead is devoting his time to music, with writing and recording being his prime activities. Stay tuned for more Sparkling Apple-related news, already in progress.

Buzz (

2011 poster.
  1. So now all we’ve gotta do is track down Slim Chance (Gary Purcell) and Rocky Rockamoto (Gord Higo), and our quest is complete. I do remember coming out of A & B Sound (when it still existed in Whalley) and bumping into a middle aged Asian woman who turned out to be Gord’s wife, Shiori. She asked if I wanted to talk to Gord, who just happened to be nearby. He hadn’t changed a bit, other than aging slightly as we all have.

    That was the 90s — as for 2011, I just did a Google search for Gord and came up with the Van Heat website (, which at the bottom of the page displayed “For more information call Gord Higo”, with a local phone number. Although this is a business number, I will give him a call and see what’s new! Gord, if you’re reading this, let us know if we’re on the right track!

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