“Nature Boy” has grown up and is now Nature Man!

Posted: July 24, 2011 in 21st Century

Saturday, July 23, 2011 was Kevin’s birthday, so to celebrate his 49th year on the planet, we all gathered at Art’s house for a function at the junction. Rosie whomped up a fearsome and formidable chili, and after some serious imbibing and a visit from Slash (thanks, Rod!), and souvenir photos of party guests on the Shwinnnngggg, we set down to a righteously lubricated attempt at a singalong. Kevin brought a couple of acoustic guitars, Art plugged in his mighty Fender amp, and Captain Maniac’s percussion contribution was via bongo drums strategically balanced on his not inconsiderable beer belly. Roadhouse Blues, Gloria and even Slow Motion Walter were unearthed, but thanks are due to Kevin’s encylcopedic Beatles knowledge (“HEY — You’ve got to hide your love away…”) as well as tunes from The Illegals like “Take it Sleazy”.

Cindy Striegler (head Proper Villains cheerleader) made a special guest appearance, and captivated us with lead vocals on “Hotel California”, “Brother Louie” and even a song she made up on the spot while texting her son: “Are you OK?” Reply: “Yes.” After a while, local sirens, drive-by shootings and First Nations fireworks contributed to the bedlam, but the piece de resistance (and that’s pronounced “PEACE de Resist-unce”) was Art demonstrating the capabilities of his tiny Fender amp. “I’ll show you what this baby can do,” he muttered pixelatedly (does such a word exist?). For what seemed like at least ten minutes, Art did the whammy-bar/feedback/Eddie Van Halen routine on his guitar, and must have caused the neighbours to shrug, “Shit, Art’s havin’ a barbecue agin. Bring in the cats, Margaret.”

Captain Maniac on the legendary Shhhhwinnnnnggggg

(EXTREME WARNING: The following photos by iPhone — groovy, eh!)

Kevin at Kevin's Birthday, during the campfire singalong

Let's wake the neighhours! Art at Kevin's birthday singalong

  1. Ray Roper says:

    Happy belated Kev. !!!Why wasn’t I informed? I throw my full support to you and Sparkling Apple. You are a gem and kudos to the project. Call me about me donating recording time for the next Sparkling Apple/Kevin Swain composition. Shout out to Colin and his Mom. Hi to Art! I love you guys and your energy! Keep it goin and call me Kev.

    Ray Roper

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, Ray! Great to hear from you on our Official Blog, too. Keep on rockin’!

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