A medley of our hit: (“Hey, play something you KNOW!”)

Posted: July 26, 2011 in 21st Century

Captain Maniac on the drums at Gary Taylor's Rock Room, Vancouver, August 1979. Photo by the legendary Dee Lippingwell.

OK, word is out, so we can’t hide it anymore. We are hereby announcing the fact that yes, 30 years after making our last vinyl record, Sparkling Apple is finally releasing an actual CD. Bear in mind that when our last record was released in 1980 (the 12-inch EP, “Play At Your Own Risk”), CDs hadn’t been invented yet, so as time is of the essence, we now present what is technically our debut CD! Those of you who bought our original vinyl singles are now sitting on valuable collectors’ items, probably worth in the neighbourhood of five dollars — Antiques Road Show may give an inflated quote in order to boost ratings, but suffice it to say that these prehistoric artifacts are now suitable for framing.

The title of the new greatest hits CD is a closely-guarded secret at this time, although insiders will confirm that it WON’T be “What IS this, some kind of joke?”. “Analogue” has been suggested, but all will be revealed at the Official CD Release Party, to be announced this fall. The CD will feature newly-remastered (and balls to the wall-ized) recordings of our ancient singles, plus bonus never-before-released live tracks that have yet to see the light of day until now. PLUS, as an added attraction, and as if this wasn’t enough, 2 new songs recorded in 2011. That’s right: Sparkling Apple beamed into the 21st Century! Excited? Hell, *I* am! Rumour has it that the new album will also be available for download on iTunes, so that you folks with iPods won’t feel left out.

The track list will also be announced at a later date, so that piratebay.com doesn’t get the jump on us and issue an unauthorized bootleg. “It’s Criminal” is a safe bet, but then you expected as much, right?

Stay tuned for more developments as they happen.

  1. how about the title ‘squeezed out’ i actually think it has many connentations its awesome

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