Play At Your Own Risk

Posted: July 28, 2011 in 21st Century, Rock n Roll

Play At Your Own Risk front cover, 1980

Play At Your Own Risk liner notes, 1980

The photo on the left is NOT the cover of our new Greatest Hits CD. With the news of our impending and threatened new release, I thought it might be entertaining & informative for you young folks to see photos of our last VINYL record. As mentioned in an earlier blog entry, “Play At Your Own Risk” was released in 1980 on the RadioActive label, and featured freshly-recorded tunes as well as two remixed singles. To totally confuse listeners, the actual SONG called Play At Your Own Risk was not included on this EP!
The remixed singles were It’s Criminal, from our 1979 single, and Little Bit, from our 1979 7″ EP. The liner notes (written by Captain Maniac) on the back cover of “Play At Your Own Risk” were exactly as as seen here.

The newer tracks were produced by Doni Underhill and Tommy Stewart (both at that time in Trooper), & were engineered by Dick Drake. It’s Criminal and Little Bit, as noted, were produced by Sparkling Apple and engineered by Dave Thomas (not the same guy who was on SCTV). All tracks recorded in Stereo Hi-Fi at Ocean Sound, then located in North Vancouver, BC.

It’s Criminal received considerable airplay on C-FOX FM99, and was in heavy rotation for some time. One evening after a spaghetti dinner in Cindy Wohlford’s house in Prince George, we sat around listening to the radio; the announcer informed us, “It’s 8 o’clock on the West Coast”, and played It’s Criminal to our unrestrained delight. Oh yes, the photo of the record jacket is not exactly the same as the original. This was created for a homemade CDR by yours truly. The original cover shows a different photo from the same session with photographer Gerry Murakami.

Actual label from Little Bit 45 RPM EP, 1979.

  1. well I still have the this album and it is in absolute excellent shape, considering his vinyl it’s amazing

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