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Our name in lights

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Rock n Roll

Cameo Club, Surrey 1974

For your approval, a collection of photos, retrieved from our limitless supply of ancient artifacts: photos not of Sparkling Apple, but of the numerous instances where we were advertised on outdoor signs. These are not the entire collection of “name on the sign” pics, just the ones that were spelled correctly, and the ones we could actually find! All photos taken in Canada. By the way, people, if you’ve got vintage Sparkling Apple photographs, don’t hesitate to tell us about them so that we can present them on the Official Blog. Oh yes, these are just thumbnails — to see the photos full size, just click on each one.

McDonald Hotel, Prince George 1976

The band (and Ding) at San Diego Club, Fort St. John, 1976

Village Green, Duncan 1980

The band outside the Norlander, Winnipeg 1980

Bunny's, Thunder Bay 1980

Captain Maniac outside the Riviera Hotel, Edmonton 1980

Bobo's, Campbell River 1980. Buzz, Captain Maniac, Woody and Art

Captain Maniac outside the Chilcotin Inn, Williams Lake 1978

Sparkling Apple at Sunbury Hall, Delta 1973

Because Halloween was a couple of nights ago, we feel compelled to present some frightening vintage shots of Sparkling Apple in “The Early Years”! Shown in this post are photos taken at Sunbury Hall in Delta BC, on New Year’s Eve, 1973. The photos are definitely analog as opposed to digital, and in those days Photoshop manipulation was considered science fiction, a thing of the distant future. Good thing the photos are “action shots” (and therefore a tad blurry), because if we were in focus you could tell that I was 23 and Art was 22! The lineup at this point in time is Captain Maniac, drums; Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid, guitar; and Rocky Rockamoto on bass. And yes, even in those days we were considered to be “too loud”! The amplifers, incidentally, are vintage GBX (one of which Art still owns after 38 years), and this show marks one of the first times that Art played the Gibson “Les Paul Recording” guitar (affectionately known as Barbara).


Rocky Rockamoto at Sunbury Hall, Delta 1973

Science Fiction Art at Sunbury Hall, Delta 1973

Captain Maniac on the drums at Sunbury Hall, Delta 1973