Sparkling Apple Outtakes part one

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Rock n Roll

Sparkling Apple onstage at the Olympic Hotel, North Vancouver BC

For the first in a series of “let’s stick it on the blog because there’s nowhere to put it on the website” photos, here’s a shot of us onstage in the pub at the venerable (or was that venereal) Olympic Hotel in North Vancouver, most likely in 1989. We already have a Big O page in the Road Stories section of our website, and the page categorically states, “After each evening’s show, we would have to remove our gear from the stage, because during the day strippers would be doing their gyrations (yes, a pole was installed as well as a shower stall) on the same platform. Consequently, before each evening’s performance we would have to set up our gear all over again!”

In this shot we see Slim Chance on bass, Captain Maniac on drums and Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid on guitar — either as Sparkling Apple or as our alter-ego, Bruce Wayne & the All-Niters.

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