Sparkling Apple Outtakes Part 3 — Free Concert

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Rock n Roll

Good day and welcome to our continuing coverage of ancient artifacts from Colin’s bottomless scrapbook. This just in…

Presented for your approval, two photographs from 1973, showing Sparkling Apple performing outdoors. The occasion was some sort of barbecue/goat sacrifice/free concert at the Village Green apartments, near Guildford Mall in Surrey BC — these same apartments are still standing, but are now considered social assistance housing for low-income residents (no, I didn’t say “slum”, that would be inappropriate, right?) . All band equipment was supplied by a local rock group named Griffyn, and all bands who played that day were courtesy of Dottie Gunnarson Agencies. At the time, Dottie was our friendly neighbourhood booking agent. If you have any information about whatever happened to Dottie, please leave a comment!

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