More Steel Wheelchairs Rehab Tour, 2012 – The Good, The Bad and the Average

Posted: April 16, 2012 in 21st Century, Behind the scenes, Gigs, Rock n Roll

Here’s yet another chapter in our Return to the Fray, featuring more photos taken by our resident photographer, Lisa Freakrock (OK, that’s not her real name: her real name is Helen Wheels (or is it Amanda B. Reckonwith? Maybe it’s Eileen Dover? Not sure!) Anyway, here are some more Friday the 13th Sparkling Apple photos at Amber Jack’s in Surrey (April 13, 2012). Three To Get Ready, now go, cat go…

Sparkling Apple in an artsy-fartsy black and white shot!

Mindless Boogie

Because we know what to do with it

Power Play

Live in Technicolor and 3D Sludge Sound!

Rock n Roll All the Way From Mars

  1. Love this page…and all the memories…remember those “UpJohn 27’s”, Art…well…we don’t…lmfao…love you all…let’s do it again soon!!! woot woot Your “old friend,” Petra.

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