CD Release Party this summer!

Posted: April 24, 2012 in 21st Century, Gigs, New CD, Rock n Roll

As promised, our new CD is being released on Sunday afternoon, July 22, 2012, and we hereby invite you all to our CD Release Party for what is technically our debut CD, “Hard Core Apple”! That’s right, the last Sparkling Apple release was on vinyl, mainly because (as we noted earlier) CDs hadn’t been invented yet! Join us, won’t you, in the luxuriously-appointed and decidedly notorious Pancho’s Cabaret, located behind the Flamingo Hotel in Beautiful Downtown Whalley, in Surrey BC. The cabaret in question used to be called Pancho and Lefty’s with a country music policy, but because Lefty left, this establishment is currently a no-holds-barred, over the top rope, no disqualifications rock & roll nightclub, featuring some of Surrey’s best tattoos.

We will be printing tickets in advance of the party, so pre-sales will go online soon — stay tuned for ticket info, which will appear on this blog as well as on the Sit-On-My-Facebook event page . Click HERE to access it and to see who else is brave enough to make an appearance.

As of this writing, we are considering charging a nominal fee for entry to the party, for which you will also receive a free CD as well as directions on how to escape from Whalley before things get ugly. Once the party’s over, you’re on your own, dude! <ha! Just kidding!> The bar will definitely be open, serving all your favourite adult beverages for your responsible consumption (yeah, right). Sparkling Apple will be playing a medley of our hit, live on stage, and the fun begins at 2 pm (so that aging rockers can get home in time for the 11 o’clock news and our tapioca pudding) . Rumour has it that there will be free food and hot girls, but this has so far been unsubstantiated.

At this time we wish to make it clear that any gate receipts, pre-sold tickets or CD sales will be used to pay for CD manufacturing costs and studio time. At no time will any proceeds be divided among the band members (although I *would* like a new Lamborghini to sit in the driveway of my palatial estate – but that’s not important right now).

Let the games begin!

Sparkling Apple in 1978, with Buzz Constantly, Captain Maniac and Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid.

Art at Gary Taylor’s Rock Room, 1979. Photo by Dee Lippingwell, altered in Photoshop by Colin Hartridge

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