An Epic Success!

Posted: July 26, 2012 in 21st Century, New CD, Rock n Roll

Party Hearty!

To purchase your own copy of Sparkling Apple’s new CD “Hard Core Apple”, click on the Buy Now link!

Our CD Release Party, held at Pancho’s Top 40 Rock Club in Surrey on Sunday (July 22) was an unqualified success! All the hard work and effort in staging this event was compensated beyond our wildest expectations. Everything went according to plan, the band was rockin’, and Rosie & crew were awesome. Special thanks to our t-shirt girl, Joan, who kicked major butt selling souvenir t-shirts!

The event, of course, was to promote the release of our new CD, Hard Core Apple, and we are proud to announce that it is now available for purchase on our website. Go to the Official Sparkling Apple Store, and place an order according to your location on the planet. For example, we’ve got “buy now” links for Canada, USA and Anywhere Else in the World.

As mentioned on social media sites, photos taken at the CD Release Party will appear on our website and here on the Offiical Sparkling Apple Blog, when said pictures have all been edited and processed for your approval (i.e., when they’re good and ready). And rather than wait for Rolling Stone or Loudwire to write a review of the CD, we will naturally supply our own song-by-song evaluation, written by the College of Musical Knowledge himself, Mr. Colin Hartridge (WTF, that’s ME!).

Art, Kevin and Colin at CD Release Party

Kevin and Les

Joan, our t-shirt girl!

  1. hey wheres my picture haha gail in vernon wants a cd should i send her mine ? actually the day was great thanks to everyone and colin jimbo 5to 1 baby one in five…

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