Yikes! T-Shirts nearly sold out!

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain Maniac with the amazing Scott Beadle, who is modelling our new line of t-shirts. Photo by Lisa Freakrock

Due to the superhuman sales effort by our T-Shirt Girl From Hell (namely Joan Roe), we wish to take this opportunity to let you know: our t-shirts are nearly SOLD OUT! Many thanks to everyone who bought a Sparkling Apple Steel Wheelchairs Rehab Tour 2012 t-shirt at the CD release party, and judging by the appearance of the crowd, many of you helped us out by purchasing this coveted rock & roll garment. Good on you all!

We need to let you know that pretty much all men’s sizes have been sold, with the exception of some XXL (for beefy endomorphs like myself). The shirts remaining at this time are the “Girlie Sizes”, as Joan so appropriately puts it. If, therefore, you are of the female persuasion, we still have several shirts of women’s sizes. Bear in mind, however (and thanks to Rosie for pointing this out), that you should order a size or two bigger than usual, owing to the fact that the ladies’ sizes are on the tight side (just fine if you wish to flaunt “the girls”!). If we have sufficient response to this amazing offer, we will reorder a second batch of t-shirts and offer them on our website.

If you would like a commemorative Sparkling Apple Steel Wheelchairs Rehab Tour 2012 t-shirt, for the low low price of only $20, please contact me (Captain Maniac) by clicking the Contact at the very top of this page.  I could even be persuaded to deliver the shirt right to your door if you live nearby (and have a few brewskis ready & waiting).

One of our “girlie size” t-shirts. Glenn Kyllonen looks amused!

And while we’re in Flog mode (get those CDs and t-shirts out the door, because they won’t be here tomorrow!!), we must mention:

To purchase your very own copy of Sparkling Apple’s latest and greatest CD, Hard Core Apple, Canadians may click on the button below — this will transport you, through the magic of the Internet, to the PayPal e-commerce site in San Jose, California! Your order will be processed and yours truly will ship out a CD in a plain brown wrapper. Only $10 and worth every damned penny, if you ask me (and you didn’t). For you USA and Euro people (or for that matter, anywhere else on the planet) head to the Official Sparkling Apple website, where the appropriate links and feisty ESL operators are standing by. “What do I have to do to get you to drive away with one of THESE babies?”

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