My brain couldn’t take the strain

Posted: August 10, 2012 in 21st Century, New CD, Rock n Roll

Captain Maniac at Donegal’s jam. Photo by Marko Ibarra.

I know we’ve already mentioned that Sparkling Apple’s new album “Hard Core Apple” is now available for download on iTunes (sorry, kids, it’s huge around our house, as in EPIC). Now talk about stuffing the ballot box, but can you guys do us a huge favour? If you like what you hear — and to paraphrase Mrs. Seinfeld, “how can anybody NOT like them?” — could you kindly leave a short review of your thoughts on iTunes for us? We’d *like* that! AND, even if you can’t stand the music, the band or life in general, please leave your thoughts on there *anyway* showing that someone took time out of their busy social schedule to actually listen to what we have to offer. Like Elmer’s glue for a change of paste. Thanks in advance, and now we return you to the Official Sparkling Apple Blog, already in progress…

Sparkling Apple at Vancouver 80s Rock Reunion in 2012. Photo by Lisa Freakrock.

Kevin Stuart Swain on the bass! Photo by Lisa Freakrock.

If you’d like to help us greatly by writing a short review, and hopefully downloading individual songs from the extensive Sparkling Apple back catalogue, click on the iTunes logo!

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