Another call just poured in! “Hard Core Apple has changed my life…”

Posted: August 22, 2012 in 21st Century, New CD, Rock n Roll

We actually got a review of our album on EMusic! Presently, you can only download digital copies of the individual songs from that website, but at 49 cents a song, who’s complaining! Check them out and leave your own review, or for that matter, let us know what you think right here on the comments area of the Official Sparkling Apple Blog. Please let us know: do you love it, do you hate it, there it is, the way you made it…. Is Midlife Crisis just fine as is, or would you change it in some way?  Are there songs on this album that are cringeworthy, or songs on here that make you want to get up from your recliner, shake your fist and go “hell yeah”? We need constructive criticism, folks, and what better way to voice your opinion than by speaking your mind right here on the Official Sparkling Apple Blog. The song list on the album is entirely original, by the way, so would you add cover tunes to the next album or boldly go where no human has gone before?

Thanks for listening! Tight lines and straight shooting…   

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  1. Midlife Crisis should be on the radio!

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