Hype at its finest

Posted: August 28, 2012 in 21st Century, New CD, Rock n Roll

Well, it happens that Tom Harrison DID write about us a year ago! Following on a hunch and of course some “leaked” rumours courtesy of Kevin, Tom wrote a short piece about us in his music column in the Province newspaper, mentioning that a greatest hits CD was in the works. (The photo seen above is a screen capture from the online edition.) In the near future, we wish to have Tom review the final product!

Recap: Last summer, we had intended for our new CD to be released in December of 2011 (something to put in your Christmas stocking). Kevin had written the demo for what evolved into Midlife Crisis, and plans were made to record new tunes and transfer old tapes in anticipation of a late-2011 release. Things went sideways, however, and our best-laid plans went astray. Following some misadventures which eventually resolved themselves, we soon picked up the pieces and were able to move ahead in Spring 2012. The rest, they say, is hysterical.

And now, a word from our sponsor! That’s right, folks, our CD was finally released this summer, and you can have your very own copy of Hard Core Apple by clicking on the link below – check out our latest tracks. We have two new songs that should knock your socks off. Literally. One of them features a nice, discreet 48-minute guitar solo. There are some special guests on a few of the songs. Including a cameo by one very famous juggler.  By the way, you do have a choice of either MP3 downloads or an actual for-real shiny new compact disc!

“The first time I heard this music, I cried.” — Rex Hargrove, Montgomery Gazette

“Unmistakable genius!” — Sarah McTarnish, Oakdale Weekly

“Unparalleled musicianship coupled with an artistic vision that defies logic and reason…” — Spivey’s Corner Times

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