Attention Canadian fans! The true north strong and freak…

Posted: August 31, 2012 in 21st Century, New CD

This edition of the Official Sparkling Apple Blog is strictly for Canadian fans! Hard Core Apple will soon be available online on the Canadian Amazon site, although being the helpful and polite Canadians we are, we must alert you to a potential problem: is indeed selling the CD, but it’s only for sale from them as a USA import (due to the fact that the CD is shipped from CD Baby in Portland, Oregon), and is therefore priced accordingly! I think Amazon’s price is something like $19.73 plus shipping. Yikes! That’s a tad pricey considering it can be obtained much cheaper directly from the band. And how do I do that, you ask? Well we’re glad you brought it up, otherwise we wouldn’t have mentioned it…

If you live in Canada and don’t wish to pay exorbitant import prices, the solution is to order direct from us via PayPal. That way, the CD is only ten bucks plus tax & shipping. A screamin’ deal as they say. Now you American folks can still continue to order CDs from CD Baby & without any problem and we heartily encourage you to do so. The same goes for those of you classic rockers in England, France, Germany, Austria and other parts of the solar system.

However, we stress that the link below is ONLY FOR CANADIANS!

Thanks for your support, wherever you live!

  1. Larry Fourchalk says:

    Hey mon….just finished playing the cd for the first time….good and loud, of course. It is FABULOUS!!! I don’t know where to begin with compliments and accolades..I’m almost at a loss for words. Great original songs, solid musicianship, top drawer vocals, love the Live tracks….it’s awesome, man…..WELL DONE!!!! Would have loved to see you guys back in the day…..continued fun and success to you!
    Thanks for the great tunes!

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