Light at the end of the tunnel

Posted: September 17, 2012 in 21st Century

Kevin Stuart Swain on a sunny late summer day, near Mission BC.

We’re now into Fall 2012, so here’s a shot of Kevin enjoying his new life. Yes, after a particularly tumultuous divorce and all the fun that’s usually involved with such a stressful activity, Kevin has come out of it all unscathed & ready to rock. To celebrate, Kevin is dividing his time between Sparkling Apple events and other musical endeavours, including a full-time stint with local rockers The Remedy (appearing at a bar near you). The bassist position was vacated following the departure of Kenny Faschauner, and since The Remedy is primarily a covers band, Kevin was able to jump right in easily, having played with drummer Rod Senft in numerous projects.

Now the Sparkling Apple/Remedy connection: early this year when Sparkling Apple hunkered down in Alchemy Studios to record Midlife Crisis (whether or not it’s autobiographical is open to debate at this time), we immediately realized that the chorus was beyond Art’s vocal range. Autotune and other studio gimmickry failed to contribute a solution, so we decided to utilize the talents of a female vocalist in this section of the song. After an extensive search of local “chick singers” who were between gigs — and some well-known names who cannot be mentioned were among the short list — we chose local singer Sarah Flanagan to do the “additional vocals” on Midlife Crisis. OK, you may ask, so what’s the Sparkling Apple/Remedy connection? Well, as it turns out, Sarah sings lead vocals in The Remedy, the group that Kevin is now currently gigging with.

Here’s an edited clip of Midlife Crisis. In the chorus, you can hear Sarah’s voice loud and clear!

And now the sales pitch:

Our new CD Hard Core Apple is still available at CD Baby, although we must advise that “copies are flyin’ out the door” as we speak. Get yours now at the following link:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    all i know is Mr. Kevin Swain is a natural strong human being who shows his love of music when he performs at any of his gigs amen :-))

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