Slight Adjustment!

Posted: October 15, 2012 in 21st Century, Gigs, Rock n Roll

Any graphic design is fair game for revision, so our Double Header poster is no exception. After our first design was evaluated, we were asked to “put a picture of each band in the poster, and a contact number”. The above poster reflects those changes: nifty photos of Sparkling Apple and House Party now adorn the artwork. Additionally, we’ve also added a contact number for tickets: Joe Staples (bassist in House Party) at 778-999-3069. I was reluctant to include my cell phone number on the poster, so if you wish to reach me for tickets, contact me at, including your name & phone number (or email address), and how many tickets you require. We have a couple of other sources for tickets, namely Rosielynn Crosby and Kevin Stuart Swain, both of whom can be messaged on Facebook. And speaking of Facebook, those of you who are members of that particular social media can access our event page HERE.

It has come to our attention that if we are charging admission to what is normally a bar with no cover charge, so with that in mind, this is now a Private Party (although everyone from far & wide is invited). Maybe we should invite the neighbours – if they don’t show up but still complain about the noise, we can tell them, “Well, we DID invite you”!

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