There’ve been some changes made

Posted: October 30, 2012 in 21st Century

Our Road Stories section of our Official Sparkling Apple Website has undergone some changes following the discontinuation of JS-Kit/Echo blog comments. Support for iWeb has been pulled, and therefore, the handy-dandy comments area at the bottom of each page has now unceremoniously disappeared. At the moment, the space that was once reserved for your comments is now blank. Not only that, but the user comments were prevoiusly entered are now gone. Oh dear! So, a suitable replacement is in the process of being installed by our crack team of web designers (me!). What does this mean to you, the viewer? Very little, if you haven’t been paying attention to our website! However, those of you who do wish to leave Facebook-style comments and/or nasty remarks on the website are asked to be patient while we reconfigure the site. Of course, the good old Sparkling Apple Official Blog is thankfully still in operation, so let’s hear from you! This offer will not be repeated. We repeat, this offer will not be repeated.

The actual page from our Road Stories section — chock full of reminiscences and tales of terror, of Life On the Road in a rock n roll band. Not for queasy or easily disturbed individuals.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Disqus on some pages and Flexi Comment on others.

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