What’s this? It’s 2013 already?

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Rock n Roll

1974 Poster

Time for our monthly blog, and although there really hasn’t been much happening on the Apple front these days, we still thought you might dig one of our old posters from 1974.

A lot of folks have been asking me, “When did you first start using the name Captain Maniac?” With that in mind, here’s evidence to support the claim that we all started using assumed names around 1974. I think the main idea was that we didn’t wouldn’t want our *real* names to be known, particularly in slow times when we were collecting Unemployment Enjoyment or Warfare. We also thought it would be kind of cool to utilize stage names to set ourselves apart from the rest of the local bands! Therefore, we became known from then on as Rocky Rockamoto, the Hip Nip, on bass guitar; Captain Maniac on drums; and Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid on lead guitar.

Artwork on the above poster was done by yours truly, Colin Hartridge, in a blatant attempt to emulate (or rather, rip off!) the gatefold artwork in Pink Fairies’ then-current album, “What A Bunch of Sweeties”. Now you know! Hey, if Led Zeppelin could pass off an old blues tune by Willie Dixon as one of their own, then I could certainly “borrow” some inspiration from The Pink Fairies! Paul Rudolph would most likely approve.


I have no idea what “Aquarius” is supposed to mean at the bottom left of our poster, but Elvis Bizowski referred to one of our cast of onstage characters. I would be announced as “the world’s only Ukrainian rockstar, Elvis Bizowski,” all greased up in leather and sunglasses. I’d sing a few old rock n roll standards like Great Balls of Fire, and then proceed to smash the bejesus out of a cheap guitar (usually purchased for around twenty bucks at Wayne Fryer’s Music in Newton).

And in all my haste to finish the blog entry, I didn’t actually mention *how* I got the name of Captain Maniac! So here’s an effort to set the record straight: I’ve always been a Monty Python fan, so when I saw the old skit about Interesting People featuring Keith Maniac, I thought, “I’m using that name!”…

“Compère: Yes, great, well now for the first lime on television ‘Interesting People’ brings you a man who claims he can send bricks to sleep by hypnosis. Mr Keith Maniac from Guatemala. Keith, you claim you can send bricks to sleep.
Maniac: Yes, that is correct, I can…
Compère: Well, we have a brick here, Keith. (indicates brick on desk) Perhaps you can send it to sleep for us…
Maniac: Oh … Ah, well, I am afraid that is already asleep.
Compère: How do you know?
Maniac: Well, it’s not moving”

And the Captain part comes from 60s-early 70s parlance where famous people were Captain Something-or-Other, like Captain Midnight, Captain Canada etc.

Yes, it’s time for a commercial break, so why not go out to the kitchen and get a tall glass of something special, or… a zesty pizza! And while we’re at it, now’s a good time to mercilessly flog… er, I mean, PROMOTE our recent CD, “Hard Core Apple”, available where discerning audiophiles obtain their silver platters. Heck, we’ll even give you a head start:


  1. John Douglas says:

    How did Art the Fart get his name?

  2. Thanks for asking, John, although the name had nothing to do with his dietary intake! I do believe the expression came from an old rhyme we used to recite in elementary school in the 50s:

    “Gene, Gene, made a machine,
    Joe, Joe, made it go,
    Art, Art, made it fart,
    And blew it all the way to Stanley Park”

    Yes, those were definitely simpler times, weren’t they?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE THAT BOOK LOL. HUGS S.A……………………….

  4. The Pink Fairies? Great 1st cd. You guys are forever the Kings of Scott Road.

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