Number One with a bullet and getting higher every day!

Posted: April 9, 2013 in 21st Century, New CD


Here’s something we don’t see every day: it’s the weekly “Loud” listing for radio station CFUR in Prince George BC. As you can see, our “Hard Core Apple” compilation CD continues to make its presence felt, and by the looks of the above listing, we are in good company! Because of the style of music we present, our CD is lumped in with the heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden and Krokus — this is NOT a bad thing, because we’d rather be in a category with Deep Purple than on a pop chart with a flavour of the month teen idol.

According to this list, the only two artists receiving more airplay than us are Deep Purple and Vulture Kult from Saskatoon (love the title of their CD). At the tail end of the CFUR survey are iconic metal acts like Krokus, Iron Maiden, Michael Schenker, Budgie and Saxon. So, if you’re in Prince George (and I’m not going to add “for whatever reason”, because PG rocks), phone up CFUR and request “Midlife Crisis by Sparkling Apple”. Our lawyers and bartenders will thank you.

At the moment, our Hard Core Apple CD can be seen and heard on the Internet from a staggering variety of sources. You can download it online, or you can buy a physical CD — and an easy way to do that is to purchase a copy from either of these fine locations:


Thank you for your support!

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