New Bandcamp players up!

Posted: June 14, 2013 in 21st Century, New CD


Seen below is one of the brand new Bandcamp players (I picked the LARGE size), featuring last year’s Hard Core Apple CD by the legendary Sparkling Apple. This player will of course only play the songs for your audio enjoyment, but if you wish to purchase a CD, by all means please do so by using this link.

In other news:
Stay tuned for a new Sparkling Apple 45 coming soon. Yes, you heard me the first time, a 45 rpm 7-inch vinyl single, complete with centrepiece adaptor for your turntable. Oh, I know not too many people own turntables anymore (CD players either, come to think of it), so this will obviously be an item targeted towards the lucrative collectors’ market. Recently an old fan told me that he still had a vinyl copy of Its Criminal which he purchased from the band at Scottsdale in Delta back in the 1970s. I told him that he was a lucky bastard, because that same single in mint condition is worth upwards of five dollars (as much as $5.50 with the picture sleeve).

They’re flying out the door as we speak:
Due to popular demand, limited quantities of our CD are still available online.  Fans all over the world (in Canada, Sweden, Holland, England, Australia, USA, New Zealand, etc) and throughout the galaxy are rocking to the highly questionable sounds of Sparkling Apple, but stocks are increasingly in short supply. We therefore advise you to buy now to avoid disappointment! The Sparkling Apple CD Hard Core Apple can be purchased here.

Thanks for your support! We now return control of your computer to you. Until next week at the same time, when the control voice will take you to — The Official Sparkling Apple Blog!

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