Happy Birthday Captain Maniac!

Posted: September 9, 2013 in 21st Century, Rock n Roll

Sparkling Apple shirts a-plenty! Left to right: Scott Young, Michelle Yu, Captain Maniac itself, Rick Mearns and Lisa Freakrock. Also wearing a Sparkling Apple shirt was Kevin Stuart Swain; he’s not shown in this photo because he was onstage playing when Jack’s Camera snapped the picture!

Just in case you mistakenly thought that we were finally out of steam and out of commission, here’s proof that the band brand lives on. Last Sunday, September 9th at The Point Pub in Port Moody, BC, the jam formerly known as Kevin & Lisa’s Freakrock Jam was temporarily renamed for one night only as Captain Maniac’s Birthday Jam. Participants were encouraged to wear their Sparkling Apple t-shirts, and as seen in the photo above, several friends complied with this request. An enthusiastic and well-received jam session was the highlight of the day, featuring the usual suspects. Captain Maniac played drums on three songs with the house band, The Freakrockers, and later proceeded to do the Jimbo routine once again on a rousing & Philips Blue Buck-fuelled version of the only song I know all the way through, Roadhouse Blues.


Later the following evening, Captain Maniac made a live appearance on the radio show, Lisa Freakrock Live, broadcast on the Internet on www.radioamplifire.com. A grab bag of headbanging hits (Captain Maniac’s personal choice of favourite tunes) was presented, as well as humorous anecdotes about the songs being played.

And yes, we caught the typo in the dialogue balloon, “Beter care of myself” – but YOU didn’t, did you? Har har!


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