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New Bandcamp players up!

Posted: June 14, 2013 in 21st Century, New CD


Seen below is one of the brand new Bandcamp players (I picked the LARGE size), featuring last year’s Hard Core Apple CD by the legendary Sparkling Apple. This player will of course only play the songs for your audio enjoyment, but if you wish to purchase a CD, by all means please do so by using this link.

In other news:
Stay tuned for a new Sparkling Apple 45 coming soon. Yes, you heard me the first time, a 45 rpm 7-inch vinyl single, complete with centrepiece adaptor for your turntable. Oh, I know not too many people own turntables anymore (CD players either, come to think of it), so this will obviously be an item targeted towards the lucrative collectors’ market. Recently an old fan told me that he still had a vinyl copy of Its Criminal which he purchased from the band at Scottsdale in Delta back in the 1970s. I told him that he was a lucky bastard, because that same single in mint condition is worth upwards of five dollars (as much as $5.50 with the picture sleeve).

They’re flying out the door as we speak:
Due to popular demand, limited quantities of our CD are still available online.  Fans all over the world (in Canada, Sweden, Holland, England, Australia, USA, New Zealand, etc) and throughout the galaxy are rocking to the highly questionable sounds of Sparkling Apple, but stocks are increasingly in short supply. We therefore advise you to buy now to avoid disappointment! The Sparkling Apple CD Hard Core Apple can be purchased here.

Thanks for your support! We now return control of your computer to you. Until next week at the same time, when the control voice will take you to — The Official Sparkling Apple Blog!

Proudly Canadian

Posted: May 3, 2013 in 21st Century, New CD

This just in… an actual review of Sparkling Apple’s CD Hard Core Apple, available worldwide! Dan Brisebois, who runs the nifty website, has written a piece all about our recent CD, and has graciously included it on the opening page of  his site. After his page loads, click on enter, and the first thing you see is shown below.
Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 9.55.08 AM

Click on review…, and you’ll be taken to the inner sanctum, where Dan’s article awaits (shown below). We can’t thank you enough, Dan!

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 10.33.57 PM
At the moment, our Hard Core Apple CD can be seen and heard on the Internet from a staggering variety of sources. You can download it online, or you can buy a physical CD — and an easy way to do that is to purchase a copy from either of these fine locations:



Buzz Constantly in 1978 with a bottle of Royal Reserve, which used to include a sticker that touted the claim, “A Proud Canadian”!

Thank you for your support!


Here’s something we don’t see every day: it’s the weekly “Loud” listing for radio station CFUR in Prince George BC. As you can see, our “Hard Core Apple” compilation CD continues to make its presence felt, and by the looks of the above listing, we are in good company! Because of the style of music we present, our CD is lumped in with the heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden and Krokus — this is NOT a bad thing, because we’d rather be in a category with Deep Purple than on a pop chart with a flavour of the month teen idol.

According to this list, the only two artists receiving more airplay than us are Deep Purple and Vulture Kult from Saskatoon (love the title of their CD). At the tail end of the CFUR survey are iconic metal acts like Krokus, Iron Maiden, Michael Schenker, Budgie and Saxon. So, if you’re in Prince George (and I’m not going to add “for whatever reason”, because PG rocks), phone up CFUR and request “Midlife Crisis by Sparkling Apple”. Our lawyers and bartenders will thank you.

At the moment, our Hard Core Apple CD can be seen and heard on the Internet from a staggering variety of sources. You can download it online, or you can buy a physical CD — and an easy way to do that is to purchase a copy from either of these fine locations:


Thank you for your support!

Picture 1

Sparkling Apple music is featured on yet another music-streaming service, this time Raditaz, which started up earlier this year. For the moment, the music is only available in the geographical USA.

“Raditaz is a free internet radio streaming music service for the web, iOS, and Android users can find stations not just based on artistssongs, andgenres, but also based on metadata tags, such as @work, @gym, #happy or @driving. Raditaz has a location layer that enables users to listen to and share stations that are trending throughout the US. The explore feature lets a user discover the latest music trends by location. Users can also share songs or stations by emailFacebookTwitter or Pinterest. Raditaz has more than 22 million songs and uses The Echo Nest music intelligence platform for creating stations. When a user inputs the name of a specific band, artist or song, Raditaz will create a station based on that musician along with similar artists.”

View With Layar

Posted: January 17, 2013 in 21st Century, New CD

View with Layar RGB-01



We now proudly announce that this poster is interactive, using augmented reality technology! What that means to you, the viewer, is that if you have a smartphone, like an iPhone or an Android, you can launch Layar (available HERE) and scan the poster for further information.

When you scan the image with Layar, you’ll see red rectangles onscreen on your phone – each of these can be clicked on to go to another site with more updates. For example, at the top of the scan is a link to Bandcamp; in the middle of the scan is a picture which links you to a video of Sparkling Apple onstage; clicking on the picture of the CD cover will link you to the CD Baby site, where you can actually buy this item; and at the bottom of the scan is a link to our website. Cool, huh?

Try it, you’ll like it! Oh yes, this is a gimmick, pure and simple, but it allows your iPhone to be a fun toy, and we all need more toys, don’t we?

An actual review of “Hard Core Apple” in our morning newspaper, The Province. The original article appeared there on December 11, 2012, and can now be seen on the Internet HERE. This review was written by Tom Harrison, who wrote about us in the same paper back in 1979. Looks like we STILL can’t be taken seriously, but then we’ve always been serious about not being taken seriously!

Picture 1

Screen capture of Province blog, featuring a review of “Hard Core Apple”!

Tom Harrison Column78


Happy Bandcampers!

Posted: December 12, 2012 in 21st Century, New CD

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 7.52.25 PM

We now have a new location at Bandcamp! Yes, you can still buy Sparkling Apple CDs at CD Baby and CD Universe, and now you have yet another online source for our music: the one & only Bandcamp.  Not only does Bandcamp offer digital downloads, but physical CDs are available as well, for those of you into an ancient frisbee-friendly musical format that’s soon to be as relevant as 8-tracks. Unlike CD Baby, real, honest-to-god Sparkling Apple compact discs are shipped directly from our warehouse in beautiful downtown Surrey, BC. Shipping and tax are automatically calculated depending on your geographical location, and we will ship anywhere on the planet (intergalactic orders are being considered as we speak). What are you waiting for?

In the words of Andrew Dubber: “Music is pretty much unique when it comes to media consumption. You don’t buy a movie ticket because you liked the film so much, and while you might buy a book because you enjoyed reading it so much at the library, typically you’ll purchase first, then consume…But music is different — and radio proves that. By far the most reliable way to promote music is to have people hear it. Repeatedly, if possible — and for free. After a while, if you’re lucky, people get to know and love the music. Sooner or later, they’re going to want to own it…whether it’s a pop tune, a heavily political punk album, or an experimental, avant-garde suite — the key is very simple: people have to hear music, then they will grow to like it, and then finally, if you’re lucky, they will engage in an economic relationship in order to consume (not just buy and listen to) that music. That’s the order it has to happen in. It can’t happen in any other order. There’s no point in hoping that people will buy the music, then hear it, then like it. They just won’t. Nobody really wants to buy a piece of music they don’t know — let alone one they haven’t heard. Especially if it’s by someone who lies outside their usual frame of reference. And a 30-second sample is a waste of your time and bandwidth. It’s worse than useless. That’s not enough to get to like your music. Let them hear it, keep it, live with it. And then bring them back as a fan.”

Click on the Bandcamp button below to access our merch site!

Double Header

Posted: December 4, 2012 in 21st Century, Gigs, Rock n Roll

Captain Maniac and Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid at Donegal’s Pub

We’ve been bulldozing you with posters over the last month, but we can finally & gratefully say that the Double Header show has been completed and was a resounding success (as we well knew it would be). Thanks so much to The Apple Corps, our friends & followers who have faithfully supported us along this long, strange trip (40 years at last count), who partied hearty with us at the Double Header at Donegal’s Pub on Saturday, December 1st, 2012! It was a monumental gig like no other, and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of our wild & crazy lives. This event was a reunion of sorts, as we hadn’t played a gig with Buzz Constantly in over 30 years!

Special thanks to:
– House Party, who severely rocked the joint as our “Spatial Guests”
– The tireless staff at Donegal’s for enduring the jubilant madness which often accompanies us
– Petra Hoffman and her staff of 50/50 volunteers
– Buzz Constantly, who travelled all the way from Victoria to join us onstage, and was once again The Life of the Potty!

and countless others too numerous to mention. We couldn’t have done it without you.

As those of you who attended can confirm, we pre-sold tickets ahead of time – but rather than print out tickets, we chose to use wristbands which could be easily identified by door staff on the night of the event. Our ticket sales were brisk leading up to December 1st, but nothing compared to the evening of the show. At 7 pm there was a lineup at the door of dyed-in-the-wool followers who had procrastinated long enough and were eager to kick some major butt!

Joe Staples and his loyal bandidos “House Party” were co-billed with us, so as a result we presented alternating segments over the course of the evening. House Party opened, Sparkling Apple played the second set, and the whole process repeated itself for the 3rd and 4th sets. We opted for basically the same choice of songs as the ones we performed at the CD Release Party in July, so our set was top-heavy with rock n roll chestnuts like Born to Be Wild>;Magic Carpet Ride, Shakin All Over>;Gloria and other Drinkin’ Tunes. As Christmas is fast approaching, Kevin sang Chuck Berry’s Run Run Rudolph, and Jumbo (I’m sorry, I mean JIMBO) made an unscheduled appearance staggering through Roadhouse Blues (“I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer”), with the inimitable Dave Fauteux on drums.


Kevin in a “zen moment”!

We were joined in the last set by certifiably unhinged Sparkling Apple alumnus (and composer of “It’s Criminal”) Buzz Constantly, who sang Da Blooze for all and sundry. Despite limited rehearsal time , we were still up to the task of boogie-ing ’til the cows come home. Buzz sang lead vocals on Too Rolling Stoned/Rock Me Baby, Never Gonna Kiss You Bye Bye, and of course It’s Criminal, as well as his trademark, the BBM tune High Price of Love. As an added bonus, the Big Mama Thornton version of Hound Dog was unearthed!


Buzz Constantly (real name Ric Whitman)

House Party, as mentioned, did an exemplary job of rocking the house with their arsenal of Classic Rock favourites (did somebody mention The Beatles?), and turned out to be a welcome addition to the party at hand! In today’s vernacular, “they rocked”!


Captain Maniac and Art share a joke


Can I help you?


Now THIS is rock and roll!


Captain Maniac in stick-twirling mode


Sparkling Apple


Sparkling Apple


The high price of love!


Too Rolling Stoned


Run Run Rudolph


Rockin is my business


Play that funky music. White boy.

Let’s do this again some time! All photos by Lisa Freakrock.

Now available on EarBits

Posted: November 22, 2012 in 21st Century, New CD

Sparkling Apple music is now available for your listening pleasure at Earbits!

Earbits is a commercial-free music streaming service & music marketing platform. The streaming service is available to consumers as a website in addition to clients for the iPhone, iPod Touch & Android mobile devices. The music marketing platform is available to independent artists, labels and concert promoters who can bid for their songs to be played (at the start bidding is free, but there is intent to charge for bids). Earbits currently has 100 labels, 1,500 artists and 20,000 songs in its library.

Only two weeks to go!

Posted: November 18, 2012 in 21st Century, Gigs

Only two weeks to go, people! Word has it that tickets/wristbands are nearly sold out for the December 1st show at Donegal’s in Surrey, so get yours while there still some available. You can obtain tix by sending an email to, or by phoning Joe Staples @ 778-999-3069. Don’t miss this, because it’s the last Sparkling Apple appearance of 2012!

Just in case you missed our CD release party in July where we gave away free Sparkling Apple CDs with door admission, Hard Core Apple will most assuredly be on sale at Donegal’s for your pre-Christmas purchases (“a special pre-Christmas special”!). A cool stocking stuffer for those rockers on your list!