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Boogie Till the Cows Come Home

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Rock n Roll

Here’s an old poster from 1979, promoting one of our latest records — the name of which escapes me at the moment, because this poster was never used. Alright! A valuable outtake!

Young Fresh Fellows

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Rock n Roll

More old newspaper clippings and ads have been added to the Clipping and Posters section of the Sparkling Apple website. Most of the old ads are definitely vintage, with misspellings and 70s-specific information typical of that era. “They’re fun, they’re exciting… (or should that have been EXITING!), and “there’ll be a Sparkling time at the Rail Cabaret.”  I mean, PLEASE! Jeez, I remember 70s newspaper advertising used to consist of “dance and drink to the solid rock sounds of…” Yikes!

The poster for the 1976 OG Boogie is particularly interesting in that the promoter — a Charlie Manson-lookalike if ever there was one — absconded with the gate receipts after the Saturday night show! If memory serves, Sparkling Apple did play on Saturday, as well as Ram and Mother’s Creation (the drummer later joined the K-Tels!). No bands played for the Sunday show, though, due in part to the fact that there was now no money for payment, and secondly because of the rainstorm. Actually the one band that did play on Sunday at that festival was Joe Staples and his band, Midnite City. Joe played with us in 2010 at the Donegal’s reunion — it comes full circle, doesn’t it?

What was the Buddy Holly song… “Reminiscing”? Yeah!