Surprise Appearance!

Posted: March 27, 2018 in 21st Century, Gigs, Rock n Roll


Sparkling Apple makes an announced and uncalled for surprise appearance at the February 22nd edition of the Freakrock Jam at Donegal’s Irish House in Surrey BC.! If we play in 2019, we will have been together for fifty years! (Photo by Lisa Freakrock.)


  1. Don and Linda Albanese says:

    WOW! A very long time, I do hope you guy’s will do this gig, we will be happy to attend, nothing like being present for the show, Linda and I will be down this summer so I will try to get together with Art again.

  2. Gord Harding says:

    Wow!!!Talk about making you feel old!! Great to see you guys still jamming together after half a century!!! Rock on brothers!!!! Gordo.

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