Sparkling Apple 50th Anniversary

Posted: November 11, 2019 in 21st Century, Rock n Roll, Rock Show

Wow what a wild night! On Saturday, November 9, 2019 we celebrated Sparkling Apple’s 50th anniversary in grand style at Donegal’s, and it’s really hard to believe that we started out 50 years ago. It was great to see so many old faces from long ago (shout out to Ding, who resumed his roadie activities admirably) — the family of Stringbean was there, as were several Scottsdale fans as well as many rockers too numerous to mention, including Wailin’ Al Walker, Ray Roper and our contingent of paparazzi like Phil Nielsen and Darren Lulka!

Special thanks to Crush, who got the audience dancing right away before Sparkling Apple came out of hibernation and limped to the stage, as well as the amazing Scott Young, who performed beyond the call of duty and not only dialled in the sound perfectly, but made sure we were comfortable on stage — and even played drums on a couple of our tunes! A big shout out to “the new guy”, Kevin Stuart Swain (who’d actually performed with us for the past 28 years), and of course Lisa Freakrock and Daniel Cook for organizing the entire event. Mention must also be made of Frances Kee, our merch girl, who cheerfully sold tons of T-shirts and CDs, as well as Don N. Mendes who printed the shirts in the first place.

Special mention goes out to Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid and Rosie, who managed to sell a multitude tickets for us, ensuring the event was indeed a sell out and the unqualified success it was.

Yes we put the old girl to bed nicely, and we want to thank everyone for supporting us for the last 50 years! For the detractors out there (you know who you are), thanks for nothing!

As Art (Arthur Kyllonen) said later, “not bad for a bunch of old farts”!

All photos by various photographers, including Darren Lulka, Phil Nielsen, Michele Thibeault, Vic Hildebrandt, Margaret Williams, Frances Kee and Darrell Ellens.

Apple 50th


Photo by Darren Lulka


Photo by Vic Hildebrandt


Photo by Shawn Klatt


Photo by Shawn Klatt

  1. Steve says:

    Just a quick question… are you the same guys who used to park a cube van (with Sparkling Apple written on the back bumper) on 136th St in Surrey back around the mid 70’s?

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