Rock n Roll High School

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Rock n Roll

Captain Maniac 1974. Is this man a fire hazard or what?

Yes, it’s once again time for another Road Stories entry on the Official Sparkling Apple website. This week we present a brief glimpse into the ancient custom of high school dances, a quaint concept unknown in the 21st Century. That’s right, we used to perform at dances just like Michael J. Fox did in Back to the Future! At the end of the story, we encourage reminiscences and memories from those of you who had the misfortune of a Sparkling Apple concert at your high school dance. As it turns out, the video cameraman for our 2010 reunion was none other than Rick Mearns, who told me he remembered seeing us play at Banting High School (or was it Best? Help me out here, Rick!) back in the 70s.

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