Steel Wheelchairs Rehab Tour, 2012 – Later the same night

Posted: April 16, 2012 in 21st Century, Behind the scenes, Gigs

In Part Two of Antiques Horror Show on Friday the 13th (April 13, 2012), the band ventured on to Amber Jack’s Pub to see The Shindiggers. (Amber Jack’s is located in the Compass Point Inn, which was formerly known as the Days Hotel, and before that the Surrey Inn.) Although by that time of the evening we had reached the final frontier of our beverage consumption, the evening’s band, The Shindiggers announced our presence and asked us to get up and play a few tunes! Whale Oil Beef Hooked, as Captain Hindgrinder used to say, so we strapped on our respective instruments and locked into Standard Operating Procedure: get it right or say good night! Rather than perform our new release (which has already gone plywood in Grande Prairie, by the way), we chose to play songs we could actually remember, namely Let’s Dance (the feelthy version), Play That Funky Music White Boy and ZZ Top’s La Grange. “On with the show this is it,” to quote Bugs Bunny, and lurched into analog old-school music guaranteed to produce bleeding eardrums. Although we were born to be mild, we still can’t stop rockin’…. Drunk rock – you’ve got to be drunk to play it and drunk to appreciate it.

All photos by the extremely talented (and highly patient) Lisa Freakrock.

The lovely and talented Art the Fart The Heavy Metal kid on lead guitar. Resistance is futile!

Missing person of interest, Kevin Swain on bass

Captain Maniac on drums at Amber Jack’s, most likely performing “Slow Motion Walter”

Captain Maniac and Kevin Swain onstage at Amber Jack’s. Play dat funky music!

  1. Sounds like you had a blast. Keep on rockin’. Plywood in Grande Prairie, huh? lol 🙂

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